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3 Vital Qualities That Every International School Di Jakarta Should Possess

It’s critical to figure out if the school you’re sending your children to is the perfect fit for them. However, there are several ways to determine whether any successful institution is worth pursuing. One of the ways is to examine the school’s vital qualities. Thus, here are three indicators that will assist you in selecting the top International School in Jakarta.

Mindfulness Focus Practices

There are many stressful and hectic moments at school. However, mindfulness based activities (some training on how to quiet body and mind) have been shown to help pupils cope with anxiety and stress. These techniques also assist pupils in relaxing and settling down, which improves their behavioral and academic outcomes.

To summarize, mindfulness focus practices can help pupils avoid behavior problems and stay on track by reducing the harmful impacts of stress and increasing their capacity to stay focused. Therefore, it is very important to choose a school with this quality because it indicates a safe learning environment.

Character Development Program

Character Development Program or CDP is a teacher created resource that allows students to examine the important themes of integrity, commitment, patriotism, courage, citizenship, and sacrifice. In addition, International School di Jakarta with this program also teaches students how to demonstrate those characteristics in everyday life.

Global Sevilla has competent teachers to develop this program into fruition. The school has the goal to improve their pupils’ potential and character by making them develop a greater awareness of themselves and their values. Besides that, this program also aims to aid the student in putting together a toolset of skills.

Balanced Education

Balance education pertains to the goal of full equality treatment in educational activities for academic institutions and people receiving education, as well as the educational policies and legal system that ensures its real implementation. In other terms, it refers to fair education and the concept of equal opportunity in education.

Furthermore, one of the schools that has this goal of achieving educational equity and fairness is Global Sevilla International School di Jakarta. They offer the balance between academic demand and supply as well as the equilibrium of the school teaching practices, including the internal syllabus teaching resource disposition, educational results, and educational assessment.

Characteristics of a school will assist parents in making an educated decision about which school their children should attend. Mindfulness focus practices, a character development program, and balanced education are the qualities of Global Sevilla that can guide your children towards a brighter future by shaping them into better individuals.

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