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Tips On Throwing A Budget-Friendly Bali Wedding

Yes, the beauty of Bali as your wedding background picture would look amazing. But, holding the nuptials on the paradise island can drain your wallet up to thousands of dollars. Sometimes it can take even more. If you want to rent a wedding villa bali with some budget-friendly fee, ensure you try some of these tricks and tips.

Things To Try To Get The More Budget-Friendly Option.

1. Get A Readymade Wedding Dress

One of the unexpected splurges is the dress and costume. It can get costly pretty quickly if you don’t pay attention. If you want a minimum cost, try to rent or get a ready-made dress. Occasionally, an on-sale dress is as good as the new one. Using the handed-down gown also gives a personal touch to it.

2. Try Some DIY And Ask Some Help

DIY and asking for a helping hand can give you enough options to save money. In this case, you can make your invitation cars, centerpieces, or décor. Asking some helping hand might also come in the form of a cheaper photographer, singer, or entertainer. Just remember that Bali allows you to do that plan beforehand.

3. All-Inclusive Package That Fit The Budget

Sometimes over budget comes from the unexpected buying before, whilst, and after the party. In this case, opting for an inclusive package can help you save a lot. Try to ask your venue for the possible package. If it fits your budget and expectation, the package will serve you to save money, time, and effort altogether.

4. Choose The Off-Season Month

Bali’s cost can get expensive in a span of seasons. In other words, underline that Bali is a popular tourist destination. So, picking the off-season month will help you get the best offer for the venue villa, transportation, and holiday cost. As an example, planning for a wedding during the holiday season such as Christmas and the end of the year will cost more than other times.

5. Ask For Discount

Bali villa might have some discount rate at some given time. It can be on a specific day, such as an anniversary for the area or on a special occasion. In many cases, the best discount possibilities are the full payment. Compare the rate of paying full and credit. Sometimes, the full payment rate is lower than the credit one. Choose the best one.

It is a wrong assumption that only rich people can hold their weddings in Bali. Of course, you have to ensure everything goes with your dream plan. But, budget-friendly does not mean cheap and bad.  With some tips and tricks in planning, you can make everything less expensive and more meaningful.

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